Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is granted to outstanding SHRS alumni who have distinguished themselves through their academic, professional and humanitarian accomplishments. Their commitment to professional excellence and dedication to serving their communities through scholarship, education and advocacy exemplify the core values of SHRS.
Dr. Rochelle “Shelly” Chabon (Communication Science and Disorders, PhD '80)

BA – Brooklyn College of the City, University of New York, Speech-Language Pathology/Elementary Education, 1971
MS – Pennsylvania State University, Speech-Language Pathology, 1972
PhD – University of Pittsburgh, Speech-Language Pathology, 1980

Since graduating from SHRS in 1980, Dr. Rochelle “Shelly” Chabon has remained a staunch supporter of the Department of Communication Science and Disorders (CSD) and its programs. While director of Pitt’s Speech and Hearing Clinic and coordinator of Clinical Practice from 1976 to 1987 she helped promote Pitt CSD’s positive reputation and clinical training capabilities. The goodwill she fostered in the professional community persisted over three ensuing decades and was foundational to the department’s current extensive network of volunteer clinical placements.

Chabon has held many prestigious academic and non-profit association leadership roles over her 38-year career. She is currently vice provost for Academic Personnel and dean of Interdisciplinary General Education at Portland State University. As dean, she helped to increase the visibility of, support for and student access to the Honors College and University Studies Program. As vice provost, Chabon sponsored and coordinated multiple and varied occasions for the exchange of ideas among faculty and advanced institutional priorities by directing, aligning and inspiring a coalition with senate, union and university leadership and campus administration while guiding recruitment, retention and workloads of all academic personnel. She also promoted a culture that welcomed and rewarded diversity of background, language and perspective.

She has positively impacted the rehabilitation profession filling many high-level roles in the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Chabon served as a member of the Council for Clinical Certification, the Council on Academic Accreditation, chair of the Board of Ethics and president of the association in 2012. She has received numerous honors from ASHA, including the Dorothy Dreyer Award for Volunteerism, the ASHA Award for Special Contributions to Higher Education, an Apple Award for appreciation to an outstanding teacher and was named an ASHA Fellow. She was also recognized by the Missouri Assistive Technology Council as an individual who has enhanced the provision of assistive technology for Missourians with disabilities. 

Chabon’s scholarship has focused on speech and language disabilities in diverse populations, ethical and evidence-based practice and teaching, and most recently on critical disabilities studies and labor relations. She has written a number of articles and chapters, co-authored four books and a language intervention program. During her career she has been an active clinician, scientist, volunteer leader and administrator.